Excess Baggage

Swallowed by the jaws of time

Suffocated, left for dead,

Was their keeper hapless or culpable?

Forensics  make a statement

But not as bold as the life buried,

‘Lucky to get there before the Tomb Raiders’,

Parody’s the Officer, ‘these gems are legends at car boot sales’.

But it fell on deaf ears, this was eBay gold ready for the global auction.

Tragically, the toll would rise as the wooden tomb

Gave up its secrets beyond mower and workmate.

Lucky to buried in a man cave, such wisdom, such foresight,

Left at peace to sit up-ended holding those off-cuts and nail jars behind the rolls of felt.

The dryness preserved the very skin and bone of each and every one.

Psychic Maude knows the weddings and funerals the deceased attended.

She says the pull form the red stilettos is so strong she can pinpoint the night they came off and got carried home.

And the black with the gold clasp carried a lace handkerchief to her cousin’s funeral.

‘That one over there, it, well it exposed its purpose and pointed to you’.

The date engraved on the silver napkin ring beside the favour would make her true.

‘Some had fun’ said Maude, lifting the two-tone,

but I already glanced the silver hipflask nestled in satin lining.