Faugh – a – Ballagh

Today they opened Remembrance Way,

simply pulled off the  Union flag,

no plaque, no memorial, no words to pray,

a British road sign had it all to say.


No last post, no badge of honour,

No pomp, no ceremony.

So to you Diesel, and to four hundred and

fifty-three comrades in the bravest battalion

in the Kingdom of Heaven; I salute you.

Fallen, never forgotten, salvation, a soldier of Heaven.


Your presence from above touched the congregation,

long before your mortal bones were taken,

lowered with honours, through Christ elevation,

the rain,  dewy tear drops a  baptism from heaven.


A young cub, one score year and a box of days,

boy to a man so fast your loving family

choked, no time to gasp a breath,

gone but never forgotten.


History will show that the poppies

Helmand grows, bloom red with

blood from contact, man down,

and for the entire world, we’re proud of what you’ve done.



Ranger David, Diesel to all your friends,

we remember you as you walked this earth,

we pray for you as you march in his Kingdom

a spirited life, a Christian soldier.


Mindful of the valour and sacrifice

of those who have gone before us,

clear the way for those that follow,

through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


For Ranger David Gordon Dalzell 1990 – 2011