Heads in the gathering grazed aloud, bobbed and tossed like corks corralled in the rip-tide current,

Chewing baffled the chatter, sketched into morsels of memory, animated by the gesticulating tentacles on the palm, adding prisms of colour to exhaled prose.

Palates framed with painted smiles etched creases of heads back in laughter,

Aubergine Teriyaki silver- scooped to  lips, glistening with wisdom, hungry for life,

Stole centre stage as rich almond eyes gazed  soft mellow back notes  thru’ shimmering flame.

I felt compelled to stare at her caramelised glint, hypnotic sparkles between the blink of sombrero eyelashes.

Looking in from my tableside seat,  I was shouting down the main act, Roast Heritage Tart which pirouetted down the hatch, followed by the whole ensemble, no encore in sight.

We chomped and chewed through legacies of life’s rich tapestries, silenced only by the Banoffee,
Served with two duelling spoons laid head to head for the final drool, jostling from pie to coulis, back to pie and in slow motion, disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The finale soothed by minted tea brought diners back into view,
Raising our spirits to make our leave, we left the canvas blank,
Each to colour their own heart.